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Welcome. You have landed here because it's your destiny to live life on your terms. Whether you want a million dollar mansion, or a cottage off the grid at an undisclosed location, it is your life, your dreams and desires. Be the shot caller in your life, start right here and now!!

Maybe you are looking to change your lifestyle, maybe you are looking to live life on your terms, or maybe you are only looking for a way to supplement your current income. Whatever it is, we have the solution.


The Solution - Easy Financial Empowerment

Wake up in the morning, get your coffee, tackle the markets and make the money you need. All of this done on your computer or smart device from the comfort of your home or wherever you can connect to the internet. This is the reason why so many people come into the financial exchange markets - to live life on their terms. It gives you the freedom to wake up in the morning, just you and your computer, no rush hour driving, no boss, no employees, no marketing. It doesn't matter your age, your sexual orientation, religion, or your educational level. All that matters is you and the market. The better you get at this particular skillset the more money you make.

Yeh, that's right that opportunity exists right now and many people are taking advantage to change their lifestyle. The opportunity is online trading using spread betting and we are here to offer you the best training and services ever. You will find this high class online training, presented by master traders, nowhere else.


Trade for a living

Growing a small account is possible, however there is no room for error and it takes time, commitment and patience to get to your first million. We are going to show you exactly how to get there.

Getting into the market with a big chunk? Just as good, you can grow it exponentially under the guidance of our master traders. However, you will still need to learn the skill, build the experience and get good at it.

The important thing to grow any amount big or small it to understand how the market function, and then tap into the endless opportunities.


Ask yourself this

  • Is this for me or not
  • Can I commit effort and time to reach my ultimate goal
  • Do I have the patience to build wealth
  • Do I really want to change my lifestyle
  • Is it time to start living life on my terms

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, then it might just be the right time to do this. It is your destiny that you've landed on our page, RIGHT? Read on, browse our website or use the shortcut links below to see how you can change your lifestyle, starting TODAY!!

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Join The Best and The Brightest Learning with Forex College

This e-Learning Course is a self-help financial empowerment course like no other.

- E Collins

Following the H & S pattern you showed a couple of days ago, I rode the GBPUSD up for over a 100+ pips gain.

- L Smith

I've been trading according to your method ever since. The Pivot System is just amazing.

- O Jones

I got mad because I did not start with your system first, the result was more than great, Unbelievable!

- M Shah

I am quite literally astounded at your accuracy of predictions day after day of receiving your trading ideas.

- E Taylor

Thank you for the private tuition session. I must say that I am very, very pleased with this, it's just so good.

- O Davies

Just to let you know got your Evolve as a Trader Book Series and it is AWESOME!!!!! Did i say AWESOME!!!!

- C Evans

Your system has changed my trading from consistently loosing to consistently winning in a short period of time.

- A Brown

I would like to personally thank you and your very talented team for all that you provide.

- M Thompson

Tom, I thank God for you every day. You have taught me how to fish...I will never be hungry again!!!

- I Rodriguez

I immediately started watching the online tutorials and Trading Ideas. I was hooked. You explained this market in a way I have never seen and it all made sense.

- L Jackson

All I can say right now is Thank you. I've a lot to learn and look forward to a private tuition session. Thank you again.

- B Chauke

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What we do!!

We teach individuals willing to learn and with the desire to change their lifestyle the skills they need to trade the financial markets online and live life on their terms using spread betting.

Quality skill-based education: Our objective is simple, teach people the skills they need to trade confidently and consistently. We do this through using a proven 5 step evolution learning model combined with how to determine the best next trading move in 5 steps.


How we teach!!

Online e-Learning Course: For people like to become traders, we've got the best e-Learning course, taking your from beginner to the best trader you can be following a proven evolution model in learning a new skill.

Expert FC Community –Discord Channels: The FC Community is a revolutionary online platform for new and experienced traders looking to share ideas and make profits accessible on all smart devices. Subscription based.

1-to-1 Coaching: Cut your learning curve, accelerate your progress and reach your personal trading goals faster with 1-to-1 personal coaching, exclusively available to e-Learning Course registered students. If a student finds that they need a more personalized approach in learning this skill, then this opportunity is available.


5 Easy Steps to Learn a New Skill

Start Trading Today. Choose our Course

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FC Community!!

FC Community is a revolutionary online platform for new and experienced traders looking to share ideas and make profits.

Analyse markets in real-time with daily live broadcasts from a panel of technical experts Use built-in analytics tools like multi-view charts, heat maps, and real-time news feeds to sharpen your edge Chat about market moves and share ideas with other traders from diverse trading backgrounds

1-to-1 Coaching: Cut your learning curve, accelerate your progress and reach your personal trading goals faster with 1-to-1 personal coaching, exclusively available to e-Learning Course registered students. If a student finds that they need a more personalized approach in learning this skill, then this opportunity is available.

Borderless Business

Forex College is a borderless business and has been fully remote, without any offices, since the founding in 2007. Our private traders traveling the world have long been connecting from remote locations using the in-house e-Learning Platform and other tools like Yahoo chat, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Slack. Due to our remote working locations, we make use of Flexi Office Solutions or our General Meeting Venue in Sandton South Africa for any face-to-face consultation. Consultation by Appointment only.


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