Best Online Trading course in the world

Starting from R8,400.00 ZAR

What could this Online Trading Course be worth to you

Maybe $ 30,000 per week, $ 120,000 per month, or perhaps millions of Dollars in a couple of years? Using these exact concepts and methods has made the members at Forex College multi-millionaires. There is no reason you can't do the same. The truth begins with know-how. Knowledge is potential power. What you do with what you learn on the Evolve as a Trader Program determines how successful you will be. The right knowledge and understanding is priceless. The Evolve as a Trader Program is designed so that you can master the most effective and profitable trading concepts, become financially powerful through the application of these techniques, and always act in your own best interest.

What you will learn

How to use the world's No1 online trading software.
Minimize risk and increase profit potential.
Spend less than an hour a day learning and trading.
Profit enhancing methods
How to always act in your own best interest.


The best online trading education in the word under the guidance of highly skilled private traders.


Basic math, English and computer skills.

This complete online course is revolutionary

It is fully online and accessible from anywhere in the world, using any smart device.
Direct access to highly experienced private traders.
The use of an effective learning evolution model from novice to mastery.
A simple method to decide the best next trading move.
Powerful concept to get the right mind-set for mastery and using effective and profitable trading concepts.
Low starting cost.

How the course works

3 levels, each focusing on certain trading concepts, helping you to evolve as a trader. The instructor team works closely with your to ensure you understand the concepts before moving to the next level.
Video with support literature allowing you to read up on video material.
Comprehensive concept on getting the right attitude and mind set for winning.
Self-test and time-based quizzes as well instructor directed assignments.
Constantly update supplementary materials to reduce the learning curve.
Unique, free trading tools to download and use.
Share our winning strategies and techniques for trading online.
Provide you with specific trade entry and exit & money management criteria.
Trade to win – from just 30 min per day.
One-on-one consultation booking if you feel you need a more personal touch.


We make the best Online Trading education available on a state-of-the-art eLearning Platform to connect candidates to instructors from any remote location.

This is useful because it means you have direct access to some of the most brightest and intelligent private traders, ongoing personal development as a trader, the latest news and developments on an ongoing basis.

Who is the course for

For beginners through to experienced traders who are yet to win consistently.
You should be over 18 years old before taking this course and there is no upper age limit.
Learning time is around 8 weeks and trading will require upwards of one hour per week.

This course is for you if you
Want to learn how to trade the financial markets.
Get your mind set on winning at online trading.
Want to take a more active role in managing your investments.
Want to trade full-time or part-time using financial instruments including Spread Betting, Contracts for Difference, Stocks, and Shares.
Want simple and detailed instruction.

The aim of the Evolve as a Trader Program

Make a living trading online from any remote location.
Learn trading systems used by private traders to make money in the markets.
Understand how the market functions.
Master trading concepts in 5 easy steps.
Simple steps to decide your best next trading move.
Read the market by using powerful candlesticks.
Recognise you own trading signals using chart patterns.
Design your own unique trading system to fit your personality and time.
Trade intraday to long-term.
Offset any loses with hedging a position.
Identify and take only trades with the highest probability.
Calculate the cost of your trade before you enter.
Work as a professional home-based private trader.
Use the power of compounding to build real wealth over time.
Teach you effective methods to get into a winning mind-set.
Understand and use price action profitable.
Trade Indices, Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Shares effective and profitable.