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Home Study Course

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Most of us have experienced classroom education. With classroom education you must go to class every day. This means that you cannot have a full-time job while you study.

With Home Study

• You don't have to attend classes; and
• You don't have to give up your day job.

Home Study Advantages

With Home Study you can study as fast or as slow as you want. You don't compete with other students and you can study in the safety of your own home. Some of our students find that they actually do better when they are not distracted by travelling, classes and other students!

Home Study is a positive step towards finding a more rewarding career and achieving a better life.

Home Study means no classes to go to and no semester time- tables to stick to. Whatever your circumstances, your program of study fits in with your life – not the other way around!

Virtual Classroom and Online Mentoring

You will receive help and guidance from a qualified tutor via online forums.
You'll have full support as you progress – we will contact you regularly.
You'll get a monthly newsletter - we keep you up to date on happenings in the Virtual Classroom! You can contact us in a way that works for you – we use the phone, e-mail, fax, Skype and Online Forums. You will get trading signals on the majors as traded by Forex College, Professional Trader and other members.

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Home Study Course R13,500.00 ZAR
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  • Virtual Classroom 12 months Access