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Frequently Asked Questions

We have included in this section questions that have been asked of us numerous times in the past and we thought it might be of service to you to include those most frequently asked.

No not at all, we don't have major overheads like renting expensive offices, have great number of staff members and sales reps to pay salaries, and located in areas where our traders will have to drive rush hour traffic.

We are a small group of individual expert traders, trading our own funds, running Forex College on a voluntary basis. We are located on a farm on the outskirts of Krugersdorp (Mogale City), just love the outdoors the tranquillity and quietness . We do sometimes meet trade together and just have some great fun. However we are not trees with roots, we are human's, nomads and always up to travel wherever the road leads us, and as traders why will be bound by location.

We've been on that challenging yet profitable journey of an expert trader. Not just living the dream, but facing the hard facts of trading Forex, losing, busting accounts, deteriorating health, been addicted to trading as well as losing, found ourselves paralysed by analysis. However we've survived have taken the 9's and 10's of what works applied that to our trading personalities and styles and we succeeded. We don't make billions but we make some, never have to deal with office politics, don't answer to anyone, and do what we like when we like. We are traders.

Yes we do. We claim compliance with the Asset Managers Code of Conduct and adhere to the Ethical and Professional Standards of the CFA Institute. Follow this link and see "See firms that have already claimed compliance"

CFA Institute

Our face to face classroom training is exclusively available to our registered clients in any level. If the client feels they need a more personal touch to their tuition they can apply for face-to-face classroom training. This ensures that the client have the basic trading experience relative to the level they are registered in before attending a classroom session. It allow our instructor team to focus on the real issue and not having to deal with some newbie and get them up to speed with grade 4 Supply and Demand (you can learn that in the start of Level 1 in your own time). Timing in trading is crucial and why waste it from someone who trades their own accounts.

Work through all the levels, do you assignments, quizzes and be ready to open a new door to success. What you learn here you can practice in all aspect of your life.

You need to evolve as a trader, you need to follow our universal 5 step evolution model and great training activities to get to that point where you will see what others cannot, you will recognize opportunities and you will have the confidence to take these opportunities with precise accuracy to make more profits. Trading will become second nature and you will be able to bring a higher form of order to the chaos of information in the Forex Trading world.

Well it is not rocket science, and it is not easy, but with our trader evolution model we have made it much fun and rewarding than any other trading education available. We have broken it down into what works, took the 9's and 10's in making a profit and made them stick in an easy learning APP. We deal with the theory, the methods, the systems and strategies real traders use and we share with you what you won't find available as public knowledge. Why do you think 90% newbies still fail? Lack of know-how, and looking for the Holy Grail in some free trading stuff.

We use the universal 5 step Evolution Program combined with the Educational Building blocks of tactile, auditory, visual, and literature methods to enhance the learning process, and change the chaos of information found in FOREX into a higher form of order.

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Like we said before you need to evolve as a trader and most education systems out there today regarding training fails at this. You need a real trader that has been on that journey to guide you, show you the warning signs, help you stay out of the ditches, and be there to assist if trading starts to get the better part of you, and be there by your side if you fall victim to trading addiction, or paralysis by analysis, and help you get through it more informed and stronger than ever.

Google "Free Forex Trading" you will get 102 000 000 results, now if you go out and spend just one minute of your entire life researching and testing the systems they offer, you will need 194 years spending every minute since the day you were born, no sleep, no play, nothing, just doing research on and testing the systems. Not even talking about the money you will need to get this done, let's assume $1 per result, well easy math $102 000 000.00 USD. Not even going to ask if you have the money, going to ask if you have the time? Don't think so.

Evolve as a trader and use the 9's and 10's of what works, tried and tested before.

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