Make a Living trading - Course

Make a Living Trading Course


It's not about luck, it's about WINNING and to outsmart the person next to you. Trading is a zero sum game for you to make money someone else need to lose money. This is why a proper trading education, like the forex trading courses presented here, is a must if you want to reach success in trading.

Now before you enter this market we need to stress that this is not a "get rich quick" course. If you want a course that is going to turn R10,000.00 ZAR into R1 million ZAR by 3 p.m. next week Wednesday, then stop reading right now, close this website and know that we can't help you. But if you are serious and want to learn how to consistently profit year in and year out – in both bull and bear markets – and want to accumulate a tidy sum over the next several years, then this course is for you.

At Forex College we are a team. The more you put in learning our methods, the more chips you'll take from the table. We speed up the process of learning how the market function very easy using the educational building blocks of , Literature, Sound, Video and Practical trading either on a small live trading account or a simulation account. You will quickly understand and learn how to use the methods, if you do your fair share.

Factors that matter

This Make a Living Trading Course only deal with those factors that the contributors rate a 10 in importance for making money, while leaving the 1s and 2s alone. In addition the text flow logically from chapter to chapter and will slowly develop your profit-making ability. To help you gauge even further just how quickly you are grasping the methods, several of the chapters will end with a short quiz. You also have an additional option of completing assignments and send them to the College for assessment by a professional trader (additional fees apply see Virtual Classroom). You need to complete at least 24 assignments to receive a certificate of completion.

In this Make a Living Trading Course you are going to learn exactly how we go about analyzing and beating the market. It certainly isn't easy, but it's doable and not nearly as difficult as brain surgery.

Lesson 1: Consistency - you will learn how to be consistent in your approach and discipline.
Lesson 2: Learn how to win by learning how to lose first.

In this Make a Living Trading Course we are going to teach you a new set of rules and a new market language that will make the market far more predictable, profitable and enjoyable. You don't have to be right all the time to make money in the market. By consistently following the methods, you will be right a very high percentage of the time. One secret that most professional traders know is that you can rack up a fortune in the market by being right less than 50 percent of the time. We go as far as to show you how to deal with a losing situation, which is one of the most profit-enhancing secrets that you'll ever learn.

The training material for both the Home Study Version and the Classroom Version are the same, with homy study you can interact with your tutor/trader using the Virtual Classroom and with classroom training you just have the added advantage of spending face-to-face time with a professional active trader while practically trading the market. After the classroom session you can still interact via the Virtual Classroom..

Make a Living Trading Course -Summary

Program Summary Make a Living Trading Course
Type: Electronic Software Download (ESD)
Duration: Home Study Version - 3 months.
Classroom Version - 3 Full Days (Tuesday - Thursday) 3 months additional home study.
Content: Make a Living Trading Course
  1. Basic Forex Trading Course,
  2. Forex Trading Course,
  3. CFD's Trading Course,
  4. Advance CFD's Trading Course,
  5. Binary Options Trading Course.
Topics Covered: Trader Psychology
  • Risk / Money Management
  • Types of Trading
  • Types of Charts
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Commodity Trading
  • Currency Crosses
  • Trading Plans / Systems / Strategies
  • Time Frames
Assessment: You are not required to complete the assignments.(Not compulsory)
Award: On completion of at least 24 assignments you will receive your Forex College Certificate of Completion. (Additional fee apply per assignment) *Non-credit bearing/Not aligned to NQF
  • 12 Months access to the Virtual Classroom
  • A Professional trader to mentor you in the art of trading
  • Access to the strategies we use in trading our own funds.
  • Interaction with fellow students, traders and mentors in the Virtual Classroom.
  • Access to understanding stock trading and investing in stocks.
  • How to manage your TAX FREE SAVINGS Account.
  • A multitude of tools to make your trading stress free.
  • Bitcoin: the technical skills to trade Bitcoin if the price moves up or down in ZAR.
Easy Payment:
  • EFT,
  • Credit/Debit Card,
Enrol Now!! Easy online enrolment, Just follow the link under the course you would like to enrol for below, you will receive an invoice, make your payment and you will receive your student detail and access to the Virtual Classroom.

Entrance Requirements

This course require no specialized knowledge of mathematics, apart form addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. However, basic computer literacy and the ability to us the Internet for real hands on experience while studying trading a simulation account, research purposes and live trading with real money when you feel comfortable doing so would be an advantage. To trade a live trading account in South-Africa the student need to be 18 years or older. Have Access to a computer/laptop.

Computer Requirements

Microsoft Windows®10, 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2008, Server 2003, or higher.
256 MB RAM (Recommended: 512 MB RAM or greater).
Hard Disk: about 110MB free space.

All three Setup Files are compatible with 64-bit editions of Windows.

The Setup program of all Course uses Windows Installer (MSI) to perform safe modifications to your computer's configuration.

The Setup program was Built by Forex College.

Home Study Version

You can study as fast or as slow as you want. You don't compete with other students and you can study in the safety of your own home. Some of our students find that they actually do better when they are not distracted by travelling, classes and other students! Distance Learning is a positive step towards finding a more rewarding career and achieving a better life. Home Study means no classes to go to and no semester time- tables to stick to. Whatever your circumstances, your program of study fits in with your life – not the other way around!

Home Study Version R13,500.00 ZAR
  • Full Inclusive Make a Living Trading Course
  • Basic and Advance Forex Trading
  • CFD's Trading, Stock Trading, Binary Options Trading
  • Virtual Classroom Access

Classroom Training Version

The Face-to-face training is a fast paced course to give you that extra boost at the start of your trading career. The course runs over a 3 day period, when the markets are open. This course is usually provided to clients who have not purchased the home study course. Classroom / Face to face training focuses more on providing experience and consolidating your knowledge. Classrooms are presented all over South-Africa, NOTE!! we take the classroom to you, our client. Follow the link below to go to the enrolment page and view available dates.

CLASSROOM Training Version R18,500.00 ZAR
  • 3 Full days classroom training. Available Dates: Classroom Schedule 2019 (Click Here)
  • Presented by a professional active trader
  • At a Venue near you
  • All inclusive Make a Living Trading Course

Our Approach

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Trader psychology

Many traders quickly come to acknowledge that despite being familiar with winning strategies, systems, and money management techniques, trading success is dependent on your psychological state of mind. Learn to win by first learning how to lose.

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Money management

Money management in trading involves specialized techniques combined with your own personal judgment. Failure to adhere to a sound money management program can leave you subject to a deadly "Risk-Of-Ruin" exposure and most probable equity bust.

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market analysis

Technical analysis works because many people use it, and successful traders are able to predict how other people will react on the different technical indicators and signals. Fundamental analysis on the other hand is a way to analyze the market using economic news releases.

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create your own plan

Create your own trading plan to fit your personality and risk tolerance. The trading plan will guide you in reaching your goals and determine your success as a professional trader. The right system and the discipline to stick to your plan will make your trading more enjoyable.