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Classroom Course

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Face-to-Face Training - Classroom Activities

In this training, you will learn some simple steps that would allow you increase your understanding of how live trading and the markets work

Learn to trade almost any market you set your mind to. Join the live training sessions in a relaxed environment, with discipline as the key. The training is conducted during the week from Tuesday to Thursday, and allows you, the trader to learn and experience the markets when they are open.

Trading is among the most challenging of any games that a person can play. It means swimming every day in water infested with money- hungry sharks, waiting to devour unprepared and unsuspecting victims. Inexperienced traders equate losses with being a bad person, a failure or just plain stupid. Seasoned traders see losses as part of doing business, and view each trade as one in a series of probabilities. They set entries, exits and stops and adhere to them religiously.

Face to Face Training

In face-to-face mentoring, the mentor and the student are able to form a stronger bond because of the personal nature of the in-person meeting. They can use nonverbal communication to emphasize and explain main points, instead of having to interpret them through text alone. The student is also able to get immediate responses to questions, instead of having to wait for the mentor to type a reply.

Group Interaction / Cooperative Learning

First and foremost, we make full use of your most valuable resource - the students themselves. Not only are adults ready and willing to work together but they tend to learn better in a sociable environment and are more likely to stick to their studies when they feel part of a strong group.

Students that are involved in cooperative learning achieve many social and academic benefits. Cooperative classrooms are classes where students group together to accomplish significant cooperative tasks. They are classrooms where students are likely to attain higher levels of achievement, to increase time on task, to build cross-ethnic friendships, to experience enhanced self-esteem, to build life-long interaction and communication skills, and to master the habits of mind (critical, creative and self-regulated) needed to function as productive members of society


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  • 3 Full days classroom training
  • Presented by a professional trader
  • At a Venue near you
  • All inclusive Home Study Course