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Welcome to Forex College

Forex College specializes in Forex Trading Education and understanding how the financial market function. We have two businesses, one where we trade our own funds and the other where we teach people to be profitable traders kinda like we are. We started out in the early 2000's as the training division of Astara Trader, training in-house traders. Soon we realized that we can take our great education platform to the general public and empower people of all walks of life to master the trading skill and to better their financial future. That was the dawn of Forex College like you know it today.

Using the latest technology to bring you great training material with, sound, video and literature. We make use of educational building blocks to speed up the study process and help you to cope with all aspect of trading.
When you join the winning team at Forex College we will assign a professional trader to guide you on your new journey as a trader.

What set us apart from our competitors is the fact that we take our classroom to our clients anywhere in South-Africa. We trade and teach as long as we have access to the internet. We will setup our 3 day classroom at a venue near you, anywhere in South Africa.

The Virtual Classroom allow you 24/7 access to some of the most professional traders, tutors and fellow students where you can interact while having access to a vast amount of trading education. Be ready to evolve with the market and prosper.

We Are Traders

We are traders’ not sales persons, we tell you the truth about Forex Trading. With a wealth of collective experience in the financial sector, and especially in forex trading on a professional level we aim to impart this knowledge onto you and give you to opportunity to get financial literate learn how the market function and to prosper. At the end it is up to you if you want to better your financial future.

The Dawn of Forex College Trading Courses

It all started way back in 2006/2007 when Astara Trader CC, a Forex Fund Management Company, based in Sandton South-Africa needed to get their newbie fund managers up and trading pooled accounts in the shortest time possible.

At that time Astara Trader CC had a couple of highly skilled professional trading specialist managing the Forex Funds. Their skills ranged from trading Forex, Equities, Indices, Commodities and Stocks. Their task was to develop full blown courses to enable newbie fund managers to get financial and trading literate in the shorts time possible, and to create the ability to analyse and trade several different markets professionally.

The end result was the development and implementation of a sophisticated education program to improve financial literacy and trading literacy. They have used their wealth of collective experience in the financial sector, and especially in trading Forex on a professional level. This courses enabled the newbie traders to quickly catch up on the skills and experiences of the contributors and starting to manage their own fund. An intranet chat site (Traders Community) was implemented to have access to additional education material, powerful systems, easy to implement strategies, to monitor newbie fund manager progress, and to follow along with the trading signals from the Head Fund Manager.

As the newbie fund managers was from all walks of life with different education levels it was soon realized that this sophisticated education program can easily transform the life of the general public with the same goal – Financial and Trading Literacy – and to create your own wealth.

Forex College was then found, the Courses was combined into the powerful 5 in 1 Trading Course, a practical Classroom course was established to bring a high pace face-to-face course to clients. And the Trader Community was changed to the Virtual Classroom as this is exactly what this is, an online classroom filled with a tremendous amount of info, live chat forums, interaction with fellow traders, interaction with mentors, access to trading recommendations, quizzes and this all to help the newbie and experienced trader to stay at the top of their game.
Most of the original contributors to the course are still actively involved in the daily running of Forex College, Virtual Classroom contribution, Mentoring newcomers, generating trading recommendations, presenting training seminars and act as classroom tutors all over South Africa.

The truth of forex trading is – It is not easy, but it is doable. With the right education and mentorship you too can become a professional trader and trade your way to financial prosperity.   

The Foundation: Forex Trading

The contributors to the 5 in 1 Trading Course decided to use Forex Trading as the foundation to financial literacy. The forex market are surely one of the most accessible of all the financial markets, and with a volume of more than $5 trillion US Dollar trading each day it is surely the largest of all the markets.

The reason it is such a great trading tool to learn how the markets function, is first of all supply and demand, then the extreme volumes of participants that ensure that there are always buyers and sellers. So at any time you want to take a trade, there are always willing buyers and willing sellers at any given price.

On the Technical Analyses side (interpreting charts) it is easy to spot price patterns or to use strategies based on the analyses of charts and the idea that history tends to repeat itself, and collective consciousness of a large group of traders worldwide that act the same on certain events with a certain outcome.

Fundamental Analyses on the other hand, is trading the news events that have an effect on the price of the instrument you are trading, be that currencies, commodities, indices or equities. In Forex trading the news releases are not that difficult as the news releases are scheduled on specific dates and times, and normally with an expected outcome and a prediction of market direction.

A great aspects of trading any financial market is the psychology of a Trader, and this is where the contributors to the course paid attention to the emotions and feeling you experience as a trader and captured that so well in the training material. Most of us grownup with the idea we have to win whatever we do at school or wherever, it was expected from us to win. Well this is not true at all in trading. You have to know how to lose well before you can learn how to win great, this is where this course will teach you how to lose well and still make a profit. And so many other psychology issues trader experience while trading. How to take care of your health, how to handle great wealth, how to keep a balance between your trading career and family life, and how important that is to reward yourself for you great efforts.

Then we get to one of the most serious subjects in trading Money Management, if not done right from the start you can experience great losses and bust your entire account and be out of trading forever. This section in the course was developed to protect capital, keep in mind that the goal was to protect the Forex Funds the company managed, to show you how you can live to trade another day, protecting your investment. Using several financial tactics to protect your losses, that is the main goal. How it is mathematically possible to make a living trading, and last but not least how you can have more losing trades than winners and still be ahead in your profits.

The result a sophisticated course to help you become a professional trader, to use and implement the strategies in any market anywhere in the world you wish to trade, your contribution and efforts will determine your success as a trader.

Should you have any other questions please go to our contact page, complete the contact form with your questions and one of our representatives will contact you.

Forex Trading Education by Forex College.

Education and Skill Your Shortcut to Success

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classroom training

The course runs over a 3 day period, when the markets are open. This course is usually provided to clients who have not purchased the distance learning course. Face to face training focuses more on providing experience and consolidating your knowledge.

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Home study

You can study as fast or as slow as you want. You don't compete with other students and you can study in the safety of your own home. Some of our students find that they actually do better when they are not distracted by travelling, classes and other students!

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trader advisory

If you have done courses and attended seminars and still have trouble getting ahead in trading then our Trader Advisory Service can assist you, we will work together and get you back on track. We do a complete analysis of your trading abilities.

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Virtual Classroom

The place where like-minded individuals interact via the internet to ensure success and confidence in your daily trading abilities. This is where you have access to professional traders, tutors and other students via forums and more.