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Mission Statement: Enhancing Financial Literacy and Trading Intelligence through a universal 5 step trader evolution program and the educational building blocks of tactile, auditory, visual, and literature method. Our goal is to see you succeed.

Forex College's roots can be traced back to 2006, as one of the largest trading specialist companies in South Africa, with traders averaging from a few hundred thousand to a few million Rands (ZAR) in monthly transactions. To improve results, managers and the top trading specialists offered daily coaching sessions in how to trade more consistently and profitably.

In 2008, we shifted our focus to solely providing trading education to the general public. Today we have a community of investors who have the tools they need to trade with the skill and confidence of professional traders.

What we have learned:

Throughout the years of educating people on the subject of Forex Trading we have learned that most people are only chasing the Holy Grail in trading, looking for the easy way to riches, the one thing that will change their trading overnight, believing that trading is something simple and easy to do, and that they can learn this in only 2 days over a weekend.

90% of newbies still fails in their first year of trading. They believe all the false advertising about trading Forex, that is easy and simple to do, that any person can do this and that you will create instant wealth without any effort, and the list goes on and on.

The dawn of - Evolve as a Trader Program:

So we realized that there is a serious need of proper trading education to get the novice to expert level and we went back to the drawing board. Found the universal 5 step of evolution model and knew that is the way forward to see more people succeed in trading professionally. We took our existing Pro Forex Trading Course using the educational building blocks of tactile, auditory, visual, and literature methods, broke it down into the necessary evolution levels, put it through the paces and found a working solution to get a novice to an expert level without bombarding them with all the chaotic information at once.

We are traders and we invite you to join our elite team and evolve as a trader starting today.

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