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Who we are

We are professional trading specialists, and we volunteer at Forex College as we like to dedicate our time and energy to help others reaching success in trading the forex market and other asset markets like we did.

As professional trading specialists we take tremendous pleasure in teaching, hosting and passing on the skill and knowledge of professional trading of currencies, commodities, indices, stocks and other profitable assets and securities to others who would like to know more and change their financial future.

We like to bring the truth of Forex Trading to newbies and more seasoned traders alike, so that they can have realistic expectations of trading when they get into or back in the market. We are successful traders because we've been able to repeat our successes every month for several years now.

What we do

We have two businesses in Forex College one where we trade a Private Wealth Fund for the clients in our circle, and the other is to teach others to become active traders kinda like we are.

We have designed a sophisticated education program to improve financial literacy and trader intelligence. We have a wealth of collective experience in the financial sector, and especially in trading forex on a professional level, which we aim to impart on you.

What we do when we trade, and what you will learn to do when you join our circle:

  • 1. Our trading systems are simple and easy to use, we keep things simple from day one, and focus on getting good results. Our methods are based on simple and easy to use tools that have been already tried by thousands of traders, from Japan to USA, and it is proven that they work. So we used these tools and forget about the others. Never to over complicate trading.
  • 2. We simply use what we have in our Make a Living Trading course, Virtual Classroom and the tools we have. As Forex Traders we don't spend more than 20-30 minutes per day checking our charts. Professional trading doesn't mean spending several hours at the computer and analysing tens of charts and time frames.
  • 3. As professional traders we wait for the best and strongest setups, and fortunately they often form. They form not as frequently as the weak setups. But they are enough to make some profit every now and then. Having no strong trade setup doesn't make us upset. It is a long time that we are used to it. We are not supposed to have strong trade setups every day.
  • 4. As a trader we use stop losses, never trade without a stop loss. Our trading systems tells us about the best and most optimum place to set the stop loss, we never widen our stop losses and a stop loss set to wide is as good as not having any stop loss. Keeping emotion out of this game it is not a good idea to check up on our trades regularly.
  • 5. We properly follow the markets strong movements and trends and don't add to bad positions.
  • 6. We don't base our trades on luck, but rather based it on probabilities and good technical and fundamental analysis.
  • 7. Replace greed with moderation and setting a safety net to protect our capital, this is the way we trade. After several years of working and gaining experiences, our trading buddies came to this conclusion that we are better at growing small accounts, instead of having a big account. This is much safer, and besides, it eliminates the harmful emotions, specially fear.
  • 8. As professional traders, it is ridiculous to compete with the other traders, because every trader has a different style. Any trader looks at the market from a different angle, so traders cannot compete with each other. We are good traders, and we do not try to compete with a friend or company who trades more and makes more money. We are all good at what we do, but just our trading styles are different. Your trading style has a direct relationship with your personality. As everybody has a different personality, no one can compete with another trader in trading.

How and Why we do it

We bring you a sophisticated Forex Trading education program to improve your financial literacy and trader intelligence, using the building blocks of education to speed up the learning process. Literature, sound and video in a small in size file that you can instantly download from the internet, taking less than 8 minutes on a standard internet package. You will have this available on your PC/Laptop in no time. Navigation in the program is as easy as navigating around Microsoft Windows, with toolbar like menus and tree view like dropdowns to access all sections. Each section have a self-assessment quiz to test your gained knowledge on the subjects covered, and you are expected to reach at least a 80% success rate before taking on the next session.

Our State-of-the-Art Virtual Classroom allow you to interact with your mentor online, did we mention we assign you a mentor to guide you on your trading path. Furthermore we do share strategies and methods to fit almost any trading personality, trade recommendations, and upcoming events. In our VC you will learn more on how to diversify your profits in share trading and how to optimize your tax free savings account.


Well the answer is simple. Our mentors (professional active traders) takes tremendous pleasure in teaching, hosting and passing on the skill and knowledge of professional trading of currencies, commodities, indices, stocks and other profitable assets and securities.

When man first discovered fire he did not keep it to himself, NO he shared it, carried that skill and knowledge over from generation to generation to make life better. The same with the skill of trading the financial markets, it is a skill you can learn, and with the right education and mentor you can surely change your financial future.

Make a Living Trading Course.

Education and Skill Your Shortcut to Success

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classroom training

The course runs over a 3 day period, when the markets are open. This course is usually provided to clients who have not purchased the distance learning course. Face to face training focuses more on providing experience and consolidating your knowledge.

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Home study

You can study as fast or as slow as you want. You don't compete with other students and you can study in the safety of your own home. Some of our students find that they actually do better when they are not distracted by travelling, classes and other students!

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trader advisory

If you have done courses and attended seminars and still have trouble getting ahead in trading then our Trader Advisory Service can assist you, we will work together and get you back on track. We do a complete analysis of your trading abilities.

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Virtual Classroom

The place where like-minded individuals interact via the internet to ensure success and confidence in your daily trading abilities. This is where you have access to professional traders, tutors and other students via forums and more.