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Affordable trading education

We offer you two options, you can either register on the "Pay as You Evolve" or register for the entire course with the "Total Once Off Fee" for levels 1 - 4. Level 5 is the beckoning point that invites us into realms of understanding we have only dreamed of until now. At Level 5, you will see that basically everything is information, and our purpose in dealing with this information is to find out who we are. At this level, trading truly becomes a "game" in the largest and best sense of that word; everything is important and everything is a teacher. We understand ourselves and the market, and that understanding gives us more control over both. Here you will be invited to join our Private Investment Club and broaden your possibilities in creating more wealth.

"Pay as You Evolve" or "Total Once-Off Fee"

"Total Once-Off Fee" allows you to pay for the entire course from level 1 – 4. However you will only be allowed to continue to a higher level once you completed the compulsory assignment/s related to each level. With this option your Total Once-Off Fee will cover Registration Fees for all Levels. Any registration fee increase under the "Pay as You Evolve" structure will have zero effect on your registration.
"Pay as You Evolve" allows you to pay a small registration fee for each level as you "evolve as a trader". You will soon realize that your education can pay for itself. With this option a Registration Fee increase is a reality and will have an effect on the price of future Levels.

"You owe this to yourself and to all the people depending on you."

Risk Reversal

Satisfaction guarantee

What is great about our "Pay as you Evolve" structure is that if you find that trading is not for you, or for some other reason don't want to pursue a career as a private trader, you do not have to continue with any further levels. However you will not only have the tools and a better understanding to trade your own money as you see fit, but will have a foundation to evaluate other investments and more importantly, other money managers. You will have the know-how not to get caught in the trap of "Forex Scams".

"Have the person you trust most as the head of your money management plan … and that is yourself."

The Journey

You are about to embark on a beautiful, empowering, and liberating journey that will unveil your trading and investing world in a way that will open your eyes and free your wings. We will look 'under the hood' of your trading and investing life. You will learn how to customize the market to your liking. Once you do, avoiding winning will become more and more difficult. This will give you freedom to experience other aspects of your life that you may not have even dreamed of before. The same goes for happiness, you will find that in our course as well. So let us welcome you to an exciting and very profitable journey as you incorporate our teachings into your life. The train is here – ready to go, we invite you to climb aboard.

Stairway to Profits - Evolve as a Trader

Our approach is a universal five-step evolution from first interest or novice to becoming an expert in any field of endeavour. This progression will provide you with a framework for creating a map as you move from one level to another and for studying the historical and scientific differences at each level.

Our Trader Evolution program and the Pro Forex Trading Course is develop using  5 universal steps of evolution, and the educational blocks of tactile, auditory, visual, and literature methods to enhance the learning process, and change the chaos of information into a higher form of order.

In the Pro Forex Trading Course, you are learning to trade so that you don't lose money while gaining experience in the markets. We examine the 5 levels of Trader Evolution you need to master in order to become an Expert and Active Trader.

At Level One of trading, we are learning the basics of the market: vocabulary, how to put on a trade, what margin requirements mean, Brokers, open live/demo trading account and so on. We begin to see the enormous amount of information contained in the tools at this level. We are looking at the market on a bar by bar process. We are focusing on only two bars, the present bar and the one immediately preceding it. Our primary interest is to understand the evolving behaviour of the market. The function of the novice level is to trade in the market and not lose money while you gain experience.

You can only proceed to level 2 if you have successfully completed level 1

Level 1

At this level, we expand our horizons time-wise to include more bars than we examined at Level One. We are now moving from novice to advanced beginner. Where Level One in math is arithmetic and numbers, Level Two is space (geometry). It is moving from one dimension to a higher dimension. Information is available that is not obvious at level one. In the market, some examples of Level Two maps are Chart Patterns, Trader's Health and Trader's Psychology. The time frame has now changed from comparing two adjacent bars to a more panoramic view of 140 bars or more.

You can only proceed to level 3 if you have successfully completed level 2

In trading, being competent means increasing your total Return On Investment ROI. You are reading the market script accurately. When the market says buy; you buy; when it says sell, you sell; and when it says stay out, you stay out. "Bringing home the bacon" competently and consistently. In a phrase, you are not getting in the way of your, profit-producing tools.

You can only proceed to level 4 if you have successfully completed level 3

In trading, you are trading your belief systems (aligning your underlying structure with that of the market), and your enjoyment comes not only from making profits but also from the satisfaction of feeling your trading is in sync with the market. Level Four is a quantum leap beyond the three lower levels. In history, it is the electronic revolution that allows us to bring in much more powerful data processors than ever before available to humans.

At this level traders begin to see that they are a vital part of this whole process, and they bring to the equation all of their background, philosophy, and belief systems. At this level, traders make use of the fact that no one trades the markets, they trade their own individual belief systems.

You can only proceed to level 5 if you have successfully completed level 4

This is the beckoning point that invites us into realms of understanding we have only dreamed of until now. At Level Five, we see that basically everything is information, and our purpose in dealing with this information is to find out who we are. At this level, trading truly becomes a "game" in the largest and best sense of that word; everything is important and everything is a teacher. We understand ourselves and the market, and that understanding gives us more control over both.

At Level Five, we flow deeply into the realm of chaos. In sports, this realm is sometimes called the "zone." Chaos does not mean "disorder"; rather, it is a higher form of order that becomes all-inclusive. There is no randomness. What we call random at Levels One through Three is really a catchall for our lack of insight and understanding.

At this level, trading is a low-stress way of living. You feel as though you are floating down a river that is providing you with any desire you name. Your nice fantasy has become completely achievable by following the Forex College's and the Pro Forex Trading Course approach.

If you reach this level you will look at other opportunities to invest in and here you will have the option to join our Private Investment Club - Astara Trader. Where we invest in all sort of High Value Assets.

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What's it Worth to You!!

What could this Pro Forex Trading course be worth to you? Maybe R 20,000 per week, R 60,000 per month, R 600,000 per year, or perhaps million Rands (ZAR) in a couple of years? Using these exact techniques has made traders at Forex College multi- millionaires. There is no reason you can't do the same. The truth begins with know-how. Knowledge is potential power. What you do with what you learn in the Pro Forex Trading Course determines how successful you will be. The right knowledge and understanding is priceless. The Pro Forex Trading Course is designed so that you can become financially powerful through application of these techniques, methods and systems.

Live Classroom Training - Registered Users Only (face-to-face)

Note: Face-to-Face Classroom training is only available to registered clients feeling that they need a more focused and personal tuition on the current level they are registered in. This face-to-face classroom session will stretch over a duration of 3 full days, Tuesday to Thursday 08h00 – 17h00. See Schedule in Virtual Classroom for available dates?

We will then setup our mobile classroom at a venue as close to the client as possible making use of our affiliates and other trade offices. The instructor will be a pro trader trading his/her own live account while honing in on the skills and methods of the particular level of trader evolution.

Face-to-Face Classroom Registration fee is R20,500.00 ZAR for each level and you will be able to register from your dashboard in the Online/Offline Learning APP.

Supper Trading and Investing Approach

We call this approach Super because of the results it gets and naturally because it deals with the true nature of the markets. The Pro Forex Trading Course - Evolve as a Trader program is an operator's manual for traders and those wanting to trade as well as those who have traded and lost and are ready to do it right. It is for eagles who are tired of living in chicken coops. It is for those who are ready to get a license to drive their own minds, make their own trades and build incredible wealth. What is included in our Pro Forex Trading Course is excluded elsewhere.

Over the past decade or so our clients have learned:

  • A foundation of trust in themselves so that they can operate without fear or hesitation.
  • A methodology that replace FEAR with Confidence and a belief in their own consistency.
  • Follow a procedure to change GREED into Moderation.
  • The ability to execute trades flawlessly and recognize mistakes.
  • The skill not to give their money away.
  • How to be and act like Expert Traders.
  • Fully evolved as traders into Expert Traders.

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Finalisation of Your Registration

We only accept online registrations, pay your Registration Fee during the online registration process, or wait for your invoice for Bank Transfers.


Pay as You Evolve

Pro Forex Trading Course – Evolve as a Trader program. You will have the option to “Pay As You Evolve”, to complete the other levels of Trader Evolution.   


What You Will Learn

  • ...

    Currency Pairs

    Analyse the global market and choose the right currency pairs for your trading objectives.

  • ...

    Technical Analysis

    Learn to track and capitalize on market moves even if you don't have access to complete research on underlying market conditions.

  • ...

    Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis help you see the "bigger" picture in an economy and can certainly provide a key indication of where currency pairs should move to, albeit in the long run.

  • ...

    Your Trading Plan

    Develop your personalized trading performance benchmarks and practice strategy execution with real time data.

  • ...

    Multi-Asset Trading

    Understand the difference between Forex and equities trading and how to use both in harmony.

  • ...

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    Trade top cryptocurrencies like BTC, BCH & ETH with just R500 ZAR

  • ...


    Range Trading Strategies, Trend Continuation Strategies, Trend Reversal Strategies. Building your own strategy to fit your trading personality.

  • ...

    Compounding Power

    How to use the power of compounding over time in FOREX trading and build incredible wealth

  • ...

    Trader Psychology

    Prepare you for the psychological pitfalls you will experience as a trader, how to control emotions and how to cope with the stresses of everyday trading.

Who you will learn from

Our staff of professional instructors composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you both Forex trading fundamentals and advanced technical techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of trading information.

They take tremendous pleasure in teaching, hosting and passing on the skill and knowledge of professional trading of currencies, commodities, indices, stocks and other profitable assets and securities to others who would like to know more and change their financial future.

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