Pay as you evolve structure

Payment Cancelled

The Structure!!

Our "Pay as You Evolve" structure allows Forex College clients the option to pay a registration fee per level of the Pro Forex Trading Course – Evolve as a Trader Program.

The Registration fee for level 1 in full is a requirement before you can join the "Pay as You Evolve" structure get access the Virtual Classroom, Online Learning Activities, other related services, and if you successfully pass level 1 to proceed to level 2 e.g.

Per Trade Evolution Level Payment:

Pay as You Evolve will only start after you have successfully complete level 1, you will then be allowed to register for level 2 and the appropriate payment method will be shared in your Virtual Classroom Dashboard. All notification will be via WhatsApp VC, and via the messaging system in the Virtual Classroom.

Level 1 – R2,500.00 ZAR NOW!!
Level 2 – R3,500.00 ZAR After Completing Level 1
Level 3 – R4,000.00 ZAR After Completing Level 2
Level 4 – R4,500.00 ZAR After Completing Level 3
Level 5 – If you reach this level you will look at other opportunities to invest in and here you will have the option to join our Private Investment Club - Astara Trader. Where we invest in all sort of High Value Assets.

Pay As You Evolve:

The "Pay as You Evolve" structure, unlike paying the Level 1 Registration Fee in full, requires payments to be made only whilst you are evolving through your levels, using the Virtual Classroom and Online Learning Activities. Therefore if you no longer require the guidance and services from the Virtual Classroom, Online Learning Activities or are happy to the level you have evolved then no further payments are required.

NOT APPLICABLE TO CLASSROOM TRAINING. In classroom training you will have to pay the Full Registration Fee as per Registration Form – R20,500.00 ZAR Classroom Training. This will only allow you to participate in the other levels once you have complete the classroom face-to-face training.  

No Interest Charged:

The “Pay As You Evolve” structure is not a loan scheme and interest is therefore not charged. It is a pay per each level structure.

Take Note!!

WARNING: The ‘Pay as You Evolve"’ structure is NOT a payment by instalments of the single Registration Fee offered at the outset. You pay for each level as you progress through your evolution as a trader of each Level. If you require no more trader evolution you are free to leave the program at any stage, you will however not be able to access higher level of evolution material or join the Private Investment Club.


Pro Forex Trading Course Level 1, Home Study or Classroom Version.