Retrenchments, Unemployment and Dead-end Jobs

Building the wealth empire of others

Retrenchments are hitting all-time highs in all sectors of the economy, unemployment rates spiralling out of control, sitting in dead-end jobs with no future in sight, while building the wealth empire of someone else. You don't just have to deal with going nowhere in your job, you have to deal with incompetent bosses, stupid office politics every day, lazy coworkers, and a company not really caring about your wellbeing or financial future.

When was the last time you received a great bonus or 13th cheque?

And the cherry right on the top, wasting time in rush hour traffic day in and day out. For what? Only 2 weeks off and you cannot even afford to take a vacation. Have you ever taken your full two weeks' vacation, get spoiled out of your mind and be treated like a king or a queen? Don't think so, as inflation is hitting you hard.

"Inflation and the tax man are working hard to keep you underprivileged"


Time is running out!!

Get it NOW!!

Prisoner in the RAT RACE

You need to Escape

I bet you would like to spend more time with the family and friends, visit the old granny or aunt out on the country side, a cousin living in China. But you just cant, you have to ask someone's permission for a day off, and if you get it, where will the funds come from? You have become a prisoner in the "Rat Race" and you need to "ESCAPE" right now!! You just have a certain number of days that was deposited in your "Time Bank" the day you were born. Every day, whether or not you want to, you make a withdrawal of 1 day. When the days run out, you die. Game over.

Not taking action right now and start creating your own financial future with all the benefits you desire, will have dire consequences in the future, as no one cares more about your financial wellbeing than you do, Right?

"It is your responsibility to give yourself the life you deserve"


Trading Success in 5 Steps!!

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Survive in all market conditions

You can do this too

What if there is a solution, something that can start to help you right now, not to lose your head but get ahead, and stay there. Something that can help you escape from you current unhappy financial situation to a wonderful new world that you have only dreamed of until now. The one thing that will make a difference in your entire life. It will take some action, time commitment, dedication, discipline, patience, and participation from your side, however the rewards are worth every effort.

"You owe this to yourself and to all the people depending on you."

Pro Forex Trading Course

Evolve as a Trader, starting TODAY!!

Get it NOW!! Reach trading success in 5 steps

Pro Forex Trading Course - Evolve as a Trader

Best trading education ever.

Start now building your own wealth empire, you can be the Shot-Caller in your life, you can live the life you deserve and be FREE. If you feel strongly about this and are really serious to change your financial future, then take ACTION!!. Forex College have the solution, tailored to help you evolve into an expert. You have the opportunity RIGHT NOW!! To grab this solution, work the system, and reach trading success in 5 steps.

Online/Offline Learning APP

Use your smart device to learn anytime, anywhere.

Forex College have designed a sophisticated education program, Pro Forex Trading Course - Evolve as a Trader, using a universal 5 step evolution model combined with the education building blocks of tactile, auditory, visual, and literature methods to enhance financial and trading literacy.

Evolve as a Trader, help you to change the chaos of information found in FOREX TRADING into a higher form of order.

We have a wealth of collective experience in trading Forex and other financial markets which we aim to impart on you. Whether you a new trader or an experienced trader going through a draw down streak, we offer you value added services and are committed to see you succeed as a Forex Trader when you joining our elite team.

"Reach trading success in 5 steps and be the Shot-Caller in your life."

Benefits of successful trading:

Learning the skill of trading is no matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter what happens in your life, you lose your job, your company is going under, you will have the means to make a living, some sort of living.

  • Survive in all market condition,
  • Have a contingency plan in place should the unavoidable happen,
  • Learn the skill of trading and create a stream of income to carry your forward,
  • You set your schedule, you set your life,
  • You don't need a boss,
  • You can work from anywhere,
  • There are always a market somewhere to trade,
  • Learn the skill of trading and go anywhere and make a living,
  • Trading your success plan consistently day in and day out.


You not only getting the best trading education available, we've added a little bonus to help you evolve more easily.

  • Participate in Live Interactive Training sessions,
  • Interact with the Instructor team,
  • Participate in online forums and group discussions,
  • Ask questions about the course, and get answers swiftly using forums on each module,
  • Complete online quizzes and instructor assess assignments,
  • Access tried and tested trading strategies as you evolve,
  • Implement great profit enhancing techniques,
  • Get access to additional Forex Trading tutorial videos,
  • Trade Recommendation on major securities,
  • State-of-the-Art high tech trading platform,
  • Live economic calendar,
  • Access most relevant, up to date, concise research to insure you make informed trading decisions.


Our goal is to see you succeed!!

Get it NOW!! Reach trading success in 5 steps

Instructor Team

You will be trained by the best

Our Pro Forex Trading Course – Evolve as a Trader are taught by expert instructors who are former market makers, brokers and business leaders. Each one is experienced in online Forex and stock trading and an active trader on their own account. As professional trading specialists they take tremendous pleasure in teaching, hosting and passing on the skill and knowledge of professional trading of currencies, commodities, indices, equities and other profitable high value assets to others who would like to know more and change their financial future too.

"Our goal is to see you succeed!!"


First of all we are the Top Trading Educator in South Africa, with the best trading course (Pro Forex Trading Course) available, and the absolute best, knowledgeable and friendliest instructor team. We are making use of the latest technology to bring all your training material and interaction with the instructors' team right to the palm of your hand with the, unique to Forex College, "Mentor in Your Pocket" App.

One of the problems of learning to trade is that there is no regular progression that takes a beginning trader from ignorance to knowledge or from losing to consistent winning. The programs currently available either teach the vocabulary of trading or simply provide a series of favourite indicators. Neither of these approaches produces good consistent winners.

There is, however, a universal five-step progression from first interest or novice to becoming an expert in any field of endeavour. This progression provides us with a framework for creating a map as you move from one level to another and for studying the historical and scientific differences at each level. In the Forex College, Pro Forex Trading Course – Evolve as a Trader approach, you are learning to trade so that you don't lose money while gaining experience in the markets.

To fully evolve into an Expert Trader. You cannot just learn to trade like an expert, in search of the Holy Grail in trading from attending a free seminar or reading a free online book. Trading is a type of investment style and you need to completely evolve as a trader to succeed in this challenging market. It is better to evolve under the guidance of instructors and mentors that took this journey before, and survived. You need to build the experience using tried and tested systems to get a real feel for the market.

For now it is important that you recognize this is not an overnight 'pleasure cruise' - commitment and a positive attitude will be necessary to achieve your goals.

Please note that material contained in this training system is for the most part common knowledge within the trading environment (bar/candlestick specific strategies, suggestions and tips), but the way in which the information is presented is unique. The course is designed to not only be enjoyed, but also remembered and used. Take your time to study the information as opposed to just glancing over it once.

Yes it can. Our 5 step evolution program is designed to help you evolve from beginner trader, we have seen our students evolved in to successful expert traders of the past 11 years. It is sometime better to start with a clean slate, then you don't have to unlearn anything and can focus on your evolution as a trader.

No you cannot. Trading success takes experience and time. Our goal is to see you succeed. In each level you will get instructor assessed assignments to complete before you can continue to the next level, this ensures proper evolution into an active trader. Your journey to success.

Well it is not rocket science, and it is not easy, but with our trader evolution model we have made it much fun and rewarding than any other trading education available. We have broken it down into what works, took the 9's and 10's in making a profit and made them stick in an easy learning APP. We deal with the theory, the methods, the systems and strategies real traders use and we share with you what you won't find available as public knowledge. Why do you think 90% newbies still fail? Lack of know-how, and looking for the Holy Grail in some free trading stuff.

We use the universal 5 step Evolution Program combined with the Educational Building blocks of tactile, auditory, visual, and literature methods to enhance the learning process, and change the chaos of information found in FOREX into a higher form of order.

Success has a different meaning to everyone, we believe that trading should be a holistic approach to the markets; because of this our clients have more success than most. I would say our success rate both financially and emotionally is in the 60% to 70% range. I attribute this high rate of success to the ongoing support our clients receive and the fact that they are slowly but surely introduced to how the markets really function following the universal step of evolution.

Evolve as a trader and use the 9's and 10's of what works, tried and tested before.

If you make use of our recommended broker and you are a South African you can open a LIVE trading account for as little as R500 ZAR, you can also have your base account in USD. Do keep in mind that you have leverage in Forex trading compared to being fully vested in stock trading. The smaller the account the longer it will take you to build up your equity.

We can and we have but it can be difficult. A person must be able to let the losses go and move forward before he/she can be successful again. Our psychological facilitation is the key to this success. The other important factor is building confidence again. We prefer to take small steps to re-enter the trading world. We want to take incremental steps with each success in the rebuilding phase. Remember the old saying- you must get back on the horse after falling off. Our Trader evolution program is a unique service helping struggling traders getting back on track.

Absolutely. There is no time limit or fee for trading or technical help. We believe that one of the reasons our traders do well is the ability to ask questions and receive feedback about their trading. I still answer questions from clients that took our course over 10 years ago. We also know that the markets are constantly changing. We need to adjust our strategy if and when the market behaviour changes, so keeping in touch with us is the best way to keep up with our newest work

No we don't, we style ourselves as a virtual company and have moved away from being located at a fixed location, like Sandton or Cape Town. We now take our mobile classroom to clients all over South Africa. Only available to registered clients.

We have experience in the past with a fixed location that our clients couldn't make it to the classroom sessions on time, and they blamed peak hour traffic driving and public transport. Timing in trading is crucial and it was unaccepted for our professional traders and mentors to waste time and trades waiting for late comers. Our mobile classroom enable us to setup shop close to you our client. As long as we have access to the internet we can trade and teach.

We bring the campus to you.


Affordable trading education!!

Get it NOW!! Reach trading success in 5 steps

Pricing Detail

Affordable trading education

We offer you two options, you can either register on the "Pay as You Evolve" or register for the entire course with the "Total Once Off Fee" for levels 1 - 4. Level 5 is the beckoning point that invites us into realms of understanding we have only dreamed of until now. At Level 5, you will see that basically everything is information, and our purpose in dealing with this information is to find out who we are. At this level, trading truly becomes a "game" in the largest and best sense of that word; everything is important and everything is a teacher. We understand ourselves and the market, and that understanding gives us more control over both. Here you will be invited to join our Private Investment Club and broaden your possibilities in creating more wealth.

"Pay as You Evolve" or "Total Once-Off Fee"

"Total Once-Off Fee" allows you to pay for the entire course from level 1 – 4. However you will only be allowed to continue to a higher level once you completed the compulsory assignment/s related to each level. With this option your Total Once-Off Fee will cover Registration Fees for all Levels. Any registration fee increase under the "Pay as You Evolve" structure will have zero effect on your registration.
"Pay as You Evolve" allows you to pay a small registration fee for each level as you "evolve as a trader". You will soon realize that your education can pay for itself. With this option a Registration Fee increase is a reality and will have an effect on the price of future Levels.

"You owe this to yourself and to all the people depending on you."


Affordable trading education

TOTAL ONCE-OFF FEE R19,400.00/Today
  • Pro Forex Trading Course - Evolve as a Trader
  • Price:R 19,400.00 ZAR
  • Levels 1 - 4
Pay as You Evolve R3,600.00/Today
  • Pro Forex Trading Course - Evolve as a Trader
  • Price:R 3,600.00 ZAR
  • Level 1

Risk Reversal

Satisfaction guarantee

What is great about our "Pay as you Evolve" structure is that if you find that trading is not for you, or for some other reason don't want to pursue a career as a private trader, you do not have to continue with any further levels. However you will not only have the tools and a better understanding to trade your own money as you see fit, but will have a foundation to evaluate other investments and more importantly, other money managers. You will have the know-how not to get caught in the trap of "Forex Scams".

"Have the person you trust most as the head of your money management plan … and that is yourself."

Pro Forex Trading Course

Evolve as a Trader, starting TODAY!!

Get it NOW!! Reach trading success in 5 steps

FREE Downloadable resources:

Our GIFT to you.

We want to thank you for your time and like you to have this FREE gift. This won't make you a pro trader, but will give you an idea of how we as traders see the world of investing and trading.


Tired of not having enough money and building the wealth empires of others, feeling like a prisoner doing a life sentence in the "Rat Race"? ESCAPE NOW!! It is your responsibility to give yourself the life you deserve. Evolve as a Trader with the best and most affordable trading education ever.

Get it NOW!! Reach trading success in 5 steps